Two Featured Topeka KS Attractions To Add To Your List

Let’s take a look at the great city of Topeka, Kansas and some of the things there are to do there. Instead of listing a whole ton of attractions, I am going to do one per paragraph so you can get a few interesting tidbits about each before moving onto the next one. Don’t worry, there will be other featured attractions from Topeka KS in other articles as well. I want you to get a good idea of just how much fun you can have in the capital city of Kansas.

Topeka Zoological Park gives itself away, meaning you are going to get excited knowing you’re about to see a lot of cool animals. But what all can you expect? This attraction is located on SW Gage Boulevard, and while it is a small zoo, reviewers do say it is a great experience. One interesting thing you’re going to find there that is a highlight is the rainforest exhibit.

If you have kids with you, are you going bonkers? Well then it is time to check out the next top Topeka attraction, Going Bonkers. It is great for the kids, and it is located on SW 21st Street. You can make a pitstop and let the kids play games and visit the play area. It isn’t an all day adventure but more like a place to take the kids when well, you guessed it, they are going bonkers. Locals who have left reviews talk about having birthday parties there, too.

That wraps it up for this round of featured Topeka attractions. However, there are more coming up around the corner. Stay tuned to keep on learning about this great Kansas city and what it has to offer its visitors. You are in for a great vacation, and you will know a little bit about the things you’re going to do beforehand. The kids will think mom or dad sounds like an expert.

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