Three Top Topeka KS Establishments That Serve Up Great Food

You’re not going to believe the delicious eats you’re going to find when you visit these next three top ranked restaurants in Topeka, Kansas. They are some of the best, and I bet you want to know what they serve, where to find them and what else to expect. Topeka is a big city for Kansas, the capital city of course, so it is going to be advantageous to know these three great establishments.

The Palette Restaurant is up first, and it is known for its fish tacos, potato soup, gumbo and more. I don’t know about you, but I love me some fish tacos. They are common but scrumptious menu items where I live on the coast. Fish tacos would be my entree choice at The Palette Restaurant. One reviewer talks about this place being adjoined to a park, and the person also mentions that it is an upscale establishment.

For the second restaurant, let’s take a look at Bradley’s Corner Cafe on Kansas Boulevard. You are talking meatloaf, sandwiches, pies and all the great food you expect from a cafe. According to the reviews, they also serve up a great breakfast. Are you ready to look at the third restaurant that is going to be featured?

Yuki Restaurant of Japan is on SW 29th Street, and it serves up steak, sushi, soup and more. This is hibachi style food and according to reviews, you need to check ahead of time for reservations. One person talked about checking too late, and there were no tables available. That tells you right there that we are still talking about the finest establishments in Topeka. You will enjoy those experiences, and be sure to come back for more to learn about some of the other fine Topeka restaurants.

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