Mysterious Cemetery Outside Topeka, KS

Outside of Topeka, KS lies the quiet little town of Stull. Practically a suburb of Topeka, Stull seems like a harmless place. But some disturbing rumors associate the town’s cemetery with a dark legend. Exactly what goes on in the cemetery is a matter of some debate. The cemetery itself is a small one, and set in a quiet, calm area of the prairie. There are few buildings in Stull, but one of them was an abandoned church with a small cemetery attached to it. The church was destroyed recently but before it was demolished (mysteriously without the consent of the land’s owners) the church itself is about as old as the town itself.

The church’s graveyard is the site of some dark tales. Many urban legends hold that the cemetery of Stull is actually one of “seven gate ways to Hell”. The basic premise of a large number of complex, colorful and oftentimes contradictory stories is the passage to a sinister nether world of some kind can be accessed from the cemetery of Stull. The exact netherworld varies with one’s personal beliefs, but all stories agree that this other world is a dark, terrifying place that few people would choose to visit unless they had crossed some unfathomable line.

Some stories hold that there is a hidden set of steps in the cemetery that one must walk down to descend into this world. The steps are nearly impossible to find, but the stories don’t stop there. Some of the tales hold that at the bottom of the steps is an ancient and hidden seal that only opens on the Spring Equinox or Halloween, the gateway to another world yawns open. Nobody who has ever crossed over into this world has ever come back however. Other haunting stories also surround the small town and its enigmatic cemetery.

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