What Are Some Of The Best Stops In Topeka, KS?

While it may not be the most talked about city in the United States, Topeka, KS has quite a lot to offer! There are a number of beautiful parks, great restaurants, museums, zoos, and other attractions to enjoy if you happen to be in the area. If you’re trying to plan the best time possible, make sure you consider some of the options below:

1 – The Sports Center

Located on SW Tenth Avenue in Topeka, the Sports Center offers a lot of activities that you and the whole family can easily have a great time with. Examples include Go Karts with numerous seating options that can accommodate all ages, 18 hole golf courses, miniature golf complete with wacky obstacles, driving ranges, batting cages, an arcade area, and more. There are also plenty of snacks on hand to enjoy while you’re there. This is one of the most popular locations for school field trips and birthday parties, so kids (and big kid at heart types) are sure to love it!

2 – The Great Overland Station

For a look at the history of Kansas as a whole, you should check out the Great Overland Station. This is a museum that honors a once functioning railroad station running through Topeka. You can find it on North Kansas Avenue. First built all the way back in the 1920s, this station is beautiful on the inside and out. You can check out numerous exhibits here or even go on a group tour to get the full experience.

3 – Ted Ensley Gardens

For those of you who like to get in touch with nature, Topeka also has a great botanical garden. Located on SE West Edge Rd, Ted Ensley Gardens has 20 acres of gorgeous plants to admire. There are many paths to stroll down and take in the nice Kansas air as well. This is one of the best places to relax within the entire state, so don’t miss out.

What You Should Do In Topeka Kansas When You Visit

If you decide to visit Topeka Kansas, and you are wondering about the different restaurants, tourist attractions and events that you can take part in, you will find that there is quite a bit that you can do. There are several places that people visit when they actually go to Topeka, the capitol city of Kansas. Here is a quick overview of what you could do while you are there whether you are therefore if you days or a week. It’s a beautiful part of Kansas, one that has a lot of history, and activities that you will enjoy.

Kansas Museum Of History

There are several museums that you can visit but one of the best is the Kansas Museum of History. Many people enjoy the things that they will see including exhibits featuring people like Col. Hughes who was part of World War I and World War II. They also have exhibits that show up from time to time such as What’s Cooking Uncle Sam which means they are constantly rotating new and innovative things. Once you are done looking at the museums, you might want to do a few concerts and shows that are in the area.

Topeka Performing Arts Center

This is a place that will often have unique concerts and venues. They can have anything from comedians to musical concerts that you can attend. It is an old-fashioned performing arts center that you will enjoy. It is a location that will definitely help you understand why so many people come to Topeka, and there are different events throughout the week that you can enjoy.

Topeka is a place that you will definitely want to visit as you are passing through Kansas. You could be there on business, or you may simply want to learn more about this state. It is close to other states that you may want to travel to including Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma, allowing you to drive or fly to these locations. As long as you get your trip booked in advance, you should save a lot of money. Definitely consider visiting this capitol city of Kansas if you have the time this year.

Two Featured Topeka KS Attractions To Add To Your List

Let’s take a look at the great city of Topeka, Kansas and some of the things there are to do there. Instead of listing a whole ton of attractions, I am going to do one per paragraph so you can get a few interesting tidbits about each before moving onto the next one. Don’t worry, there will be other featured attractions from Topeka KS in other articles as well. I want you to get a good idea of just how much fun you can have in the capital city of Kansas.

Topeka Zoological Park gives itself away, meaning you are going to get excited knowing you’re about to see a lot of cool animals. But what all can you expect? This attraction is located on SW Gage Boulevard, and while it is a small zoo, reviewers do say it is a great experience. One interesting thing you’re going to find there that is a highlight is the rainforest exhibit.

If you have kids with you, are you going bonkers? Well then it is time to check out the next top Topeka attraction, Going Bonkers. It is great for the kids, and it is located on SW 21st Street. You can make a pitstop and let the kids play games and visit the play area. It isn’t an all day adventure but more like a place to take the kids when well, you guessed it, they are going bonkers. Locals who have left reviews talk about having birthday parties there, too.

That wraps it up for this round of featured Topeka attractions. However, there are more coming up around the corner. Stay tuned to keep on learning about this great Kansas city and what it has to offer its visitors. You are in for a great vacation, and you will know a little bit about the things you’re going to do beforehand. The kids will think mom or dad sounds like an expert.

Visiting Topeka KS

There are many people each year who decide to look outside of the box for their next vacation, making Topeka KS their destination. When you spend some time in and around the Topeka area, you will quickly find that there are plenty of incredible, memorable things to see and do. As a matter of fact, there are many visitors who find they need to schedule a return trip just so that they will have more time to take everything in that they may have missed the first time around.

When you are in the Topeka, Kansas area, you will see that there are a range of exciting attractions, incredible events, amazing restaurants and plenty of ways that you can relax or head out for adventure. Whether you are longing for a quiet weekend getaway or you are planning a high octane vacation that is fueled by active outdoor adventures, you will see that there is something for everyone. Planning a trip with the children? No problem! There are lots of great things in Topeka for the whole family to enjoy, from history and art to fun events and memorable dining experiences.

If you happen to be a history buff, you can make your way to the Kansas State Capitol for a tour, or you can see about visiting one of the oldest homes in the city. The Ritchie House has not only been around for many years, but it was actually a stop on the historical Underground Railroad.

Are you a true foodie at heart? If so, there is no shortage of great places to dine when you make your way to Topeka. Think about planning an app adventure to sample small plates at several restaurants, or even put together a pub crawl so that you can taste local beverages while visiting with some of the the Topeka KS natives! No matter where you go, there is an adventure waiting around every corner.

Mysterious Cemetery Outside Topeka, KS

Outside of Topeka, KS lies the quiet little town of Stull. Practically a suburb of Topeka, Stull seems like a harmless place. But some disturbing rumors associate the town’s cemetery with a dark legend. Exactly what goes on in the cemetery is a matter of some debate. The cemetery itself is a small one, and set in a quiet, calm area of the prairie. There are few buildings in Stull, but one of them was an abandoned church with a small cemetery attached to it. The church was destroyed recently but before it was demolished (mysteriously without the consent of the land’s owners) the church itself is about as old as the town itself.

The church’s graveyard is the site of some dark tales. Many urban legends hold that the cemetery of Stull is actually one of “seven gate ways to Hell”. The basic premise of a large number of complex, colorful and oftentimes contradictory stories is the passage to a sinister nether world of some kind can be accessed from the cemetery of Stull. The exact netherworld varies with one’s personal beliefs, but all stories agree that this other world is a dark, terrifying place that few people would choose to visit unless they had crossed some unfathomable line.

Some stories hold that there is a hidden set of steps in the cemetery that one must walk down to descend into this world. The steps are nearly impossible to find, but the stories don’t stop there. Some of the tales hold that at the bottom of the steps is an ancient and hidden seal that only opens on the Spring Equinox or Halloween, the gateway to another world yawns open. Nobody who has ever crossed over into this world has ever come back however. Other haunting stories also surround the small town and its enigmatic cemetery.

Three Top Topeka KS Establishments That Serve Up Great Food

You’re not going to believe the delicious eats you’re going to find when you visit these next three top ranked restaurants in Topeka, Kansas. They are some of the best, and I bet you want to know what they serve, where to find them and what else to expect. Topeka is a big city for Kansas, the capital city of course, so it is going to be advantageous to know these three great establishments.

The Palette Restaurant is up first, and it is known for its fish tacos, potato soup, gumbo and more. I don’t know about you, but I love me some fish tacos. They are common but scrumptious menu items where I live on the coast. Fish tacos would be my entree choice at The Palette Restaurant. One reviewer talks about this place being adjoined to a park, and the person also mentions that it is an upscale establishment.

For the second restaurant, let’s take a look at Bradley’s Corner Cafe on Kansas Boulevard. You are talking meatloaf, sandwiches, pies and all the great food you expect from a cafe. According to the reviews, they also serve up a great breakfast. Are you ready to look at the third restaurant that is going to be featured?

Yuki Restaurant of Japan is on SW 29th Street, and it serves up steak, sushi, soup and more. This is hibachi style food and according to reviews, you need to check ahead of time for reservations. One person talked about checking too late, and there were no tables available. That tells you right there that we are still talking about the finest establishments in Topeka. You will enjoy those experiences, and be sure to come back for more to learn about some of the other fine Topeka restaurants.